We sell a variety of tablets, laptops, and desktops both new and refurbished with all the best accessories you need.
• $99 Desktops & Laptops!
Typically a refurbished entry level computer with a single-core or dual-core processor, 1GB-2GB of RAM, and a 80GB-160GB hard drive running Windows 7 or 10. Great for the casual user, beginners, or kids.

• $99 Tablets!
Brand new quality 7"-8" Android tablets running the latest Apps. The perfect fit for anyone looking to purchase their first tablet for themselves or kids.

• $199 Complete Systems!
The best BANG-FOR-YOUR-BUCK laptop or desktop you can buy! Fast refurbished Windows 7/10 computers with dual-core processors, 2GB-4GB of RAM, and a 160GB-320GB hard drive. Complete Desktop Systems come with a monitor, keyboard, and mouse.

Please Note: Limited quanity on specials.
• Touchscreen Windows 10 Laptops
The best deals on brand new touchscreen laptops from all the major brands. They come loaded with tons of great software running on latest Windows operating system.

• Windows 10 Tablets
We carry only the best brands of new and refurbished Windows 8.1 tablets that come in all sizes. A perfect laptop replacement for anyone looking for a powerful tablet that can run your favorite Windows apps.

• Andriod Tablets
High quality Android tablets ranging in sizes 7" to 10" to suit anyone's needs. Great for anyone wanting to play the latest games, read e-books, check email, and surf the web.

• Refurbished Windows 7 Laptops
We have the lowest prices on refurbished laptops from every brand. All computers come with a 90 day in store warranty and have been tested 100% to insure that everything is running as good as new.

• Custom Gaming PC's
Top of the line custom gaming desktops with the fastest quad, six, or even eight-core processors! Matched with up to 32 GB's of RAM and the latest high-end graphic cards, these PC's will let you play all the latest computer games.

• Complete Desktop Systems
We have a large variety of complete desktop systems for any budget both new and used. Buy just the tower or a complete setup with a monitor, mouse, and keyboard.

• Refurbished Apple MacBooks & iMacs
Save money by purchasing a refurbished Mac running the latest operating system and software. We usually stock MacBooks and all-in-one iMacs.

• New All-in-One Touchscreen Systems
We have a variety of all-in-one desktops with touchscreens both new and used. An all-in-one desktop computer integrates the system's internal components into the same case as the display.

• RAM Upgrades
Speed up your system by adding more memory (RAM). RAM enables you to work faster and run more things on your computer at the same time.

• Hard Drive Upgrades
Add more storage to your laptop or desktop by adding or upgrading to a bigger hard drive. We have all diffrent sizes up to 4TBs. Also, ask about external storage options for backing up your precious data.

• Soild State Drives
Dramatically speed up your system by upgrading to a solid state drive. Solid state drives use fast flash memory that contain no moving parts, reducing the chance of failure from age or even a drop.

All refurbished computers have been completely wiped and reloaded with a genuine Windows or Mac operating system.
• Headphones
• Wireless Keyboards
• Wireless Mice
• External Hard Drives
• USB Cables
• iPhone / iPad Chargers
• Andriod Chargers
• HDMI Cables
• VGA Cables
• Printers

• Andriod Guides
• Windows 7 Guides
• Windows 8 / 8.1 Guides
• Cell Phone Cases
• Screen Protectors
• Speakers
• Bluetooth Speakers
• Flash Drives
• Memory Cards (Micro SD)
• Laptop Coolers

• Laptop AC Adapters
• Laptop Batteries
• Laptop Bags
• Monitors
• USB Hubs
• Ear Buds
• Long Range WiFi Adapters
• Wireless Routers
• USB WiFi Adapters
• Laptop Stands


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We sell a variety of tablets, laptops, and desktops both new and refurbished with all the best accessories
you need.
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We fix tablets, cell phones, Macs, laptops, and desktops. We also offer training as well as
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