Is your computer running hot? Did you know that your computers cooling system is the heart of your machine. If left unmaintained, a number of terrible things can happen. It can shut down at random, run slower, decrease the lifespan of your computer and in some rare cases, catch fire. There is some good news… YOU can prevent it!
Here’s how: If you have never had your computers cooling system “professionally” serviced, and it’s 2 years old or more the time is NOW. Bring your Laptop, Desktop, or All-In-One to our store where we’ll completely disassemble it and begin the service.
1st, we remove ALL dust and debris you’ve accumulated. Next, we remove the fan and heatsink to replace your old dried-out thermal paste and apply fresh Arctic Silver paste in it’s place. While inside we perform a visual inspection of all other components making sure they are still running at an optimal level. When that’s complete we reassemble your computer and you’re good to go. After that you can actually maintain it on your own! All you need is a can of compressed air, something small like a paper clip, and a little precision. For a more in-depth description on how to maintain it on your own after the deep clean or to schedule your professional 1st time cleaning service give us a call at 480-380-5340.

Computer running hot, what can I do???